Posted by: cochinblogger | July 11, 2009

Bombing Trust

A bomb exploded in the set of government offices called the Collectorate yesterday. Fortunately, it was a low-intensity blast and did not do much damage; just one person suffered a minor injury. Still, it’s enough to spread the cancer of distrust and fear. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the blast.

Kerala had so far remained immune from the spate of bomb blasts that plagued the rest of the country, this despite a significant Muslim minority (that makes up over 30% of the state’s population) and the presence of fringe extremist elements. That precedent has been smashed to smithereens. Is this the prelude to more and higher-intensity blasts? Kerala is a densely populated state, and a series of bomb blasts could bring the state to its knees and undermine the generally excellent relationship between the major communities here.

We will hope for the best.


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