Posted by: cochinblogger | July 13, 2009

An Easy Death

I think it was the Russian poet Nekrasov who wrote that we pray for an easy life when we should be praying for an easy death instead. I was reminded of this on reading about what happened on the city roads recently. Buses here during the rush hour are packed with commuters, some of whom dangle from the footboard, hanging on for dear life to the iron bar near the entrance. I’ve had to do this on a couple of occasions, but I knew the next stop was a short distance away so I could get off to rest my arm. In this case, the bus was traveling along one of those rare, long stretches between stops. A dangling commuter began shouting that his arm was paining and he couldn’t hold on for much longer, but in the din and bustle of the journey, either nobody noticed or nobody took him seriously or nobody moved fast enough.

He fell off the bus and died. I don’t know if this could be classified as an easy death; if he died quickly, which seems likely because the news appeared in the papers the next day, I suppose it was an easy death, but what a way to go! It must have been very hard on his loved ones.

So when you pray for an easy death, pray that it will be easy both for youself and for your loved ones.

A dangler in action:


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