Posted by: cochinblogger | July 24, 2009

Thinking Like a Woman

I stepped into an elevator the other day on the 15th floor. It was empty but for a young woman, who after a glance at me began a close examination of the floor. We were going down, and the ride took a few minutes. I in turn occupied myself with a close examination of what could be seen outside through the glass walls. It struck me then that the glass walls gave a measure of safety to a woman, who might, for example, find herself alone in an elevator with, say, a lecherous drunk. Suddenly, I found myself thinking like a woman. Another time I found myself thinking like a woman was when I was reading the following lines from this article (

Eventually, one night, he said, “I’d love to see your breasts”, so I grudgingly unbuttoned my blouse and allowed him to peep inside my bra. But this was still well within the Lady Eleanor Holles dating code – by rights, given the number of hot dinners he’d bought me, he could really have taken my bra right off.

It’s the age-old trade-off: an expectation that sexual favors will be rendered in exchange for material rewards. If I were a woman on a date, I’d refuse to allow the man to pick up my tab. Surely that’s part of what equality is all about?

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