Posted by: cochinblogger | August 1, 2009

People at Work: Hustlers on Shanmugham Road

Shanmugham Road, which is by the backwaters, is a very busy road. I refer not to the vehicular traffic on the road but to the human traffic on the pavements. The bus stop, Menaka, is always crowded with people; it’s the closest bus stop to Broadway, the old shopping area of the city that still draws a good crowd, despite the fact that it cannot boast of the razzmatazz of the new-fangled M.G. Road. Lining the pavements are street vendors selling everything from clothing to fruits to toys to electronic goods. There are also umbrella repairmen and currency dealers. Often, a salesman with oratorical skills will draw a good-sized crowd and keep it spellbound, though I have never understood what the fuss was all about.

Below are a pair of such hustlers who work as a team to sell jewelry. Note the natty appearance; it’s part and parcel of their act.

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