Posted by: cochinblogger | August 14, 2009

Just Who Are We Kidding?

Now that you have puked in the sink and cleaned yourself up, let the lesson begin. Yes, the photo below is revolting. I agree. But here are a couple of things to reflect on. The cat in the photo met with an accident: it was run over by a vehicle on the road. But don’t humans slaughter animals for food, and are these killings any less bloody? Don’t you enjoy a spread of cooked body parts like the ones spread out on the road in the picture? Is the scene at the butcher’s shop more gory than that in the photo? (The author is a reluctant nonvegetarian: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

The other thought: Even as you read this, humans are slaughtering other fellow humans in wars and acts of terrorism. Their goal is to reduce other human beings, their putative enemies, to the state of the cat in the picture. We seem to accept this to be a natural state of affairs. I don’t see any efforts to stop the killings by negotiations, etc. It’s as though we have all accepted that it’s OK for humans to inflict indignities on other humans, whose bodies will resemble the body of the cat below, or worse.

So you think the photo below is an abomination, eh? Just who are you kidding? Just who are we kidding?

Please … please speak up for peace and compassion in your home, workplace, and blog. The next time you enjoy a plate of liver, the next time you see a report of casualties in the newspaper, think of the cat in the photo below.

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