Posted by: cochinblogger | November 16, 2009

People at Work: Coconut Tree Climber

In Kerala, there are coconuts trees everywhere one looks. Almost every garden has coconut trees in it. The roots of these trees are very strong and spread under the ground, so they should be planted at a safe distance from walls.

Every part of the coconut is pressed into service, including the water, which is drunk; the meat, which is eaten; the fiber, which is woven into mats, etc.When the coconuts become ripe, they have to be harvested. There are workers who specialize in doing this. They climb up the trees with their tools and accessories, and throw down the coconuts. Rarely, such workers have fallen to their deaths. Electrocution is a danger.

If the coconuts are not harvested, they’ll fall to the ground. There have been cases of falling coconuts killing people. The solution is to fix a metal net, as shown in the second photo below, but very few do this.

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  1. we are having good coconut tree Climbers.

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