Posted by: cochinblogger | November 28, 2009

Inauguration of a Fashion Shop

I happened to be walking by when a new shop was being inaugurated. It was morning, and I was on my way to work. I paused, partly because the shop was close to my home. I was hoping it was a restaurant (the area cried out for a good eating joint), but it turned out to be a fashion shop. See for yourself.

Let me point out some salient features of the picture. First, note the footwear lying outside the building. Also, the policeman in khaki near the steps is standing on one leg. Is he in mid-stride? No, the leg is too high. Got it now? He’s removing his shoes. It’s a new shop, you see, expensively done up no doubt, and for today at least, let not the shiny floors be besmirched by the dust of the streets.

See something else? The first thing that caught my eye was the three women standing in the shadows to the left. From their clothes and mien, they were very poor. What made them stand there? Curiosity, perhaps. Or perhaps they had worked on the site in some capacity.

Whoever they were, they knew their place and stood self-effacingly in the shadows, silently taking in a world they could never be a part of.

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