Posted by: cochinblogger | December 29, 2009

Street Mystery Challenge: Can You Solve This?

Traveling in an auto one morning, my eyes fell on this:

I wondered what those rods and ropes were for. Were they part of some elaborate do-it-yourself security arrangement? Were they used for bondage or other sinister rituals? As usual, my imagination ran amok.

I asked the auto driver if he knew. Of course he knew. One thing I’ve learned is that whoever you are and however much you know, the auto driver of Cochin know more.

But hold on a second. Can you figure it out? Give the problem a couple of minutes. Give up? There is no need to despair. Read on.

The auto driver said the rods and ropes were used by street vendors to show off their wares, apparel in this case. Then how did the shopkeeper open the shop, with all the rods and ropes festooning the shop doors? The shops, for some reason, were permanently closed. The doors would stay shut for the foreseeable future.

Later one evening, I was able to confirm this with my own eyes:

Elementary, my dear Watson!

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