Posted by: cochinblogger | January 25, 2010

Beneath the Hoardings

The underside of the North overbridge, in contrast to the underside of the South overbridge, teems with life. There are many vehicle spare parts shops, and garages, such as the one shown below. Not the sort of places you’d send your Mercedes to, but still, they serve their niche well.

The empty stretch of land near the railway lines is an attraction for homeless migrants, who pitch their tents under the bridge. The concrete roof must be particularly welcome during the rains.

If you look at the top of the above picture, you will see the bottom edges of the hoardings overlooking the bridge. Here are the hoardings:

Hmmm … luxury bath fittings and gratuity schemes.

And what do we have here?

A bejeweled film actress, no less.

I wonder what the migrants think when they lie down to sleep at night and find themselves looking up at these brilliantly illuminated hoardings.

There’s no need to be sentimental, folks: after the first few nights, I suppose the migrants even stop seeing them, just as people living near the railway tracks become oblivious to train sounds after some time.

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