Posted by: cochinblogger | April 9, 2010

The Photographer Who Talks to Insects

We’ve heard of people who talk to animals, and even plants. Here is a photographer who, amazingly enough, talks to insects. Like Dr. Mayilvahan, I too take photographs of insects as a hobby. Maybe I too should talk to the insects I pursue.


“Mayil not only looks at the tiny creatures, but also talks to them before capturing them on frame. ”Once on our way down from Kodaikanal, me and my wife stopped at Tiger Shola. Just as we sat there by the stream, came this very shy red butterfly called the Painted Lady. She fluttered away in a trice. I sat there talking to her mentally and verbally, soothing and calming her. She came back and landed on a bush near me. Slowly I put out a finger to her while constantly talking. She came and put forward her two legs and then proboscis and after she was settled comfortably, I took her to meet my wife,” explained Mayil.”


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