Posted by: cochinblogger | April 16, 2010

Why Men Can’t Burn Their Briefs

At about 9 am today morning, I found myself in an innerwear (the cool term today) shop, without vest under my shirt or briefs under my trousers, trying hard not to look at the pictures of pneumatic seminude women on the walls.

My wife had locked the clothes cupboard and rushed to work before I could take out my change of clothes. Fortunately, there was a newly washed shirt on the ironing table and a pair of trousers on the stand. But I needed a vest and briefs. No, there was no spare key to the clothes cupboard. Yes, the vests and briefs are stored along with my shirts and trousers. No, I cannot afford a separate cupboard just for my briefs and vests. Yes, I will look for the spare key. And, yes, I did briefly toy with the idea of dipping into my father’s wardrobe before discarding the idea.

I considered the alternatives: I could go to work innerwear-less, or I could take the day off citing a personal emergency. Neither prospect appealed.

Finally, I had a brain wave. I looked up the telephone number of the shop I buy innerwear from in the telephone directory. Fortunately, the owner picked up the phone. I asked if I could come down now to buy a vest and briefs. The owner said the shop would open only at 10 am. I then said it was an emergency, and explained how matters stood. He chuckled, and asked me to come down immediately; which is how I found myself in the shop minus my briefs and vest, trying not to look at the poster-clad walls.

All went well; there were no hydraulic accidents. I went home, had my bath, and went to work in my new innerwear. But I fell to wondering, if women can burn their bras, why can’t men burn their briefs?

And that reminded me of the following limerick:

There was a fellow named Lancelot,

Whom his neighbors all looked on askance a lot.

Whenever he’d pass,

A presentable lass,

The front of his pants would advance a lot.

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