Posted by: cochinblogger | May 9, 2010

Kids, Technology, and Sex

The following article from Tehelka on Indian schoolchildren and sex is a shocker. We in India have long been proud of our cultural values, and have loved to contrast these with the social chaos in the decadent West. Soaring divorce rates, broken families, random street shootings, sexual sadism, serial killers, teenage pregnancies, the elderly being left to fend for themselves … we in India are immune to all that. That smug point of view has been severely tested in recent times, but sexually active schoolchildren?? In my time in school, it was unthinkable, except for perhaps a precocious chap or two. Of course, today there is instant porn on the Net, and camera phones; anyone can take a pornographic of himself or herself and send it to a friend for kicks. There are so many more opportunities to indulge oneself in forbidden fruit.

I remember reading that what kick-started the sexual revolution in the United States was the availability of cars that teenagers could afford; cars were the ideal place for teenagers to make out in privacy. Again, in Italy, where many young people live with their parents because they don’t earn enough to afford their own homes, cars are used for sexual trysts. A notorious Italian serial killer preyed on such couples. In India, with rising affluence, more and more teenagers are seen driving cars. So, technology and the rising affluence that makes it possible to own it, even more so than social mores, is a big driver (pardon the pun!) in reshaping sexual practices among the young.

What can concerned parents do? I don’t know that there is a simple solution, except to keep lines of communication open with your kids. Here is the article:

Also, the media today is awash with sexual imagery, and our kids are not idiots. I was recently watching television with my kids, when an ad for Barbie dolls came on. The dolls are sexy, there’s no getting away from that. But since the consumers are kids, that word cannot be used. So this advertisement came up with a creative solution: one of the adjectives used to describe the dolls was “sassy.” I actually heard it as “sexy” but knew it was “sassy” only because the defining attributes of the dolls were written out on screen. That’s ingenuity for you! Perhaps this is my overheated imagination? I don’t think so.

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  1. look at any culture that can be termed good or refined and you would see it is old.
    Indian culture is a refined took thousands of years to refine itself.
    however the relatively newer cultures(yes i meant the U.S)are less refined.It will take time for them to evolve.And when it does evolve.SEX will take the backseat.MONOGAMY will return.The youth must be made to understand that there is a difference in falling in love,expressing it through a kiss and having sex.

    • Interesting theory, but does it hold? I don’t think so. There are so many negatives in our culture. Just look around you. And our culture is becoming more and more American. That is the trend. Every culture has both positive and negative aspects.

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