Posted by: cochinblogger | May 24, 2010

Stomach Cake

I had previously reported an addition to the vocabulary of the English language by my younger son in the form of the charming expression “nose jelly” for snot. See

Yesterday, he asked me where the “cake” in “stomach cake” was located. I was baffled at first, then it hit me. He meant “stomach ache”! In fact, he had been pronouncing “stomach ache” as “stomach cake” all this time, and I had not noticed. I explained that the word was “ache,” not “cake.” He asked why people did not say “stomach pain.” I explained that “ache” and “pain” meant more or less the same thing, and one could use either word.

After that, came the turn of the older boy. He asked what “priceless” meant. I replied that it meant “very valuable.” He asked how that could be, because the suffix “less” indicated that there was no price, the article being worthless. I had to smile at that! I explained that the article was so valuable that no price could be assigned to it; any price would be too low a price. I added that this was not to be taken literally; the message was that the article was extremely valuable.

At times like these, one is sharply reminded of one’s own childhood learning experiences.

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  1. My favorite from my son was when he saw a cartoon of someone sleeping. “He’s dreaming about Z’s,” said Daniel

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