Posted by: cochinblogger | June 7, 2010

The Mollycoddled Indian Male

We Indians are a mollycoddled lot. It begins in childhood, when our parents treat us like crown jewels. Perhaps this is not obvious to us, just as it is not obvious to my son that he is growing, but it is obvious to outsiders. Here, for example, is an American writer, Seth Stevenson, on how we Indians dote on our kids (Trying Really Hard to Like India):

I love how they dote on children here. (I’m not talking about dead, limbless children anymore, I’m being serious now.) At our beach resort in Goa, there were all these bourgeois Indian folks down from Mumbai on vacation. These parents spoiled their children rotten in a manner that was quite charming to see. In no other country have I seen kids so obviously cherished, indulged, and loved. It’s fantastic. Perhaps my favorite thing on television (other than cricket matches) has been a quiz show called India’s Smartest Child, because I can tell the entire country derives great joy from putting these terrifyingly erudite children on display.

For the most part, it is the Indian male who is mollycoddled, not the female, for obvious reasons. Here is a delightful article on the subject of why Indian males never graduate to manhood.

Why Indian Men Are Still Boys

OK, with that out of the way, savor Mukul Kesavan’s hilarious caricature of the Indian male:

The Ugly Indian Man

Besides all these handicaps, it was recently reported that the Indian male is … well … on the short side where it matters:

Penis Size By Country

As an Indian male, how can I laugh at all this? Oh, I’m a big believer in the dictum “Happy is the man who laughs at himself; he will never cease to be amused.”

With this as background, you are now prepared to read about the hostel life of a particular residential MBA program.

Hostel Life

I was staggered by the last regulation (no. 11): “Students are expected to write letters once a week to their parents.” Is this discipline or mollycoddling? Is this reinforcement of our family ties? Or is it nauseating paternalism?

I have to end on a positive note. A Russian feminist thinks Indian men make great husbands!

Indians Make Best Husbands for Russians

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