Posted by: cochinblogger | June 8, 2010

Anuja Chauhan and Her Three Sisters

A recent issue of Tehelka is on the theme of travel. Well-known personalities, from celebrities to actors to writers, have contributed short pieces on their travels. But what makes this issue stand out is the personalized travel photographs, which is a brilliant idea. You can see the pics here.

Candid Photos

OK, now scroll down to the sixth photo. What a shot! It’s my personal favorite — four attractive sisters dressed identically in pink tops and jeans, all with winning smiles.

I soon found my own reason to smile, on reading the copy accompanying the photo. Anuja writes, “We brought along all our husbands and kids and bonded and bickered.” I was brought up short by “all our husbands.” I imagined a truck load of husbands descending on Anuja’s parents’ place in Australia! This is the age of moral ambiguity alright, but four women and their truck load of husbands congregating at — of all places – the wives’ parents’ place?! What is the world coming to!

Fortunately, I caught sight of “four husbands” in the title and heaved a sigh of relief. đŸ™‚

Lovely pic, Anuja!

And I must also mention that the series features no fewer than three Keralites: Mohanlal, Paul Zachariah, and Kavya Madhavan.

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