Posted by: cochinblogger | June 13, 2010

Seasoning Shakespeare with Whip Lashings

I found an intriguing tidbit in Frank Gerold’s The Boston Strangler, a book I’ve referred to earlier in this blog. Here, take a look:

“… or that not far away lived a student from India who invited girls up to his room, where, quoting Shakespeare on the ennobling qualities of suffering, he lashed them with a whip; …”

Now, this is no more than an obscure footnote in the Boston Strangler investigation, but I had to put the book down and think. First, just who was this mysterious figure? There were not many Indian students enrolled in U.S. universities in 1964. The area of the student’s residence is given in Gerold’s book. It should not be difficult to discover the identity of this Shakespeare-quoting whipper of girls. Hey, maybe it’s possible to find this out with Google! No, that’s taking it too far.

I wonder about this fellow countryman. Did he pick up his tastes in the U.S. or did they sprout on native soil? What was he studying? What did he work at after completing his studies? Did he continue to feed his kinky appetites all his life? Is he still alive?

We may never know. Or, for all I know, some reader of this blog will dial in with the information one day!

It is also unclear whether the girls were whipped against their will, perhaps after being tied up; surely that constituted an offense and he would have been picked up by the police?

We may never know.

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