Posted by: cochinblogger | June 16, 2010

Fixing French with a Wrench

The other day I happened to mention the name of the company I was previously employed with to my older son (who is all of 10 years). Surprisingly, he had forgotten the name of my previous employer, and I had to refresh his memory, upon which he pronounced: “Appa, you’re like a rolling stone, jumping from job to job!” Now, I’m not a job hopper, and so defended myself against this charge vigorously, but I was happy at how my son had applied the idiom correctly. I thought he must have seen it used in a job-related context earlier, but he said, no, he learned the proverb in school in some other context.

The monsoons have arrived in Kerala, and the temperature has come down. Unbelievably, ceiling fans do not need to be turned on indoors. My son said that he had had computer lab at school that day, and the air conditioning and fans had been switched on. He said, “I felt so cold that it was as though I was standing at the North Pole without clothes on.” Now, that’s a striking comparison!

Another day, we were preparing to review his French lessons (it’s his third language) when he suddenly proclaimed, “Let’s get a wrench and fix French.” I rocked on my heels before recovering my wits.

This taste for word play is a good sign; my son is nothing if not a chip off the old limerick-spouting block!

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