Posted by: cochinblogger | June 18, 2010

Non-Footballing Uses of the Foot

In the bathroom this morning, I was putting my underclothes on the clothes rail when the briefs slipped off and plummeted toward the wet floor (the subject of differences between Indian and Western bathrooms deserves its own blog post). Instinctively, I stuck my foot out and trapped the briefs neatly with my ankle.

I won’t deny that this little triumph pleased me greatly. My briefs have hit the wet bathroom floor countless times in the past. This was the very first time I was able to intercept them before they hit the floor. Why did I stick my foot out today? Why did I not stick my foot out on the previous occasions? No, sorry, I’m not going to award a prize for the first correct answer this time, folks, if only because the title of this post is itself a big clue.

I have, of course, like many others, been following the dazzling spectacle that is the World Cup. In fact, many years ago, I got my PC assembler to install a TV card in my PC and divert the cable TV feed with a splitter only to be able to watch the World Cup matches late at night (the only TV at home is in another room). The World Cup matches are now played on a tiny window in a corner of my PC’s screen so that I can steal the occasional glimpse even if I’m working (don’t tell my clients that!).

So, even those of you did not get it earlier now know why I stuck my foot out — and so successfully at that — in the bathroom this morning.

Standing in my bathroom, the just-retrieved briefs still in my hands, I was electrified by the following insight: the foot has important non-footballing uses! For example, we walk with our feet. Now, why did that not occur to me earlier? Duh!

So, gentle readers, for the duration of the World Cup in South Africa, I encourage you to explore non-footballing uses of the foot. Like walking. Like running. Like flexing the toes of your feet. Like trying to hold a pencil with your foot.

Or even an investigation of the foot as an erogenous zone. 🙂

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