Posted by: cochinblogger | August 8, 2010

Intimations of Adulthood

My father often tells of a walk with me once in the local park in Calcutta when I was about twelve. It seems I informed him gravely during the walk that I liked some aspects of communism such as land redistribution, but disliked the lack of freedom under it. My father was bowled over. He realized that his son was growing up faster than he had ever imagined.

I had a similar moment with my older boy (a ten-year-old) a few days ago. Both my sons are crazy about cars, and somehow the conversation one day shifted from cars to making cars, and then to manufacturing in general. I told him that a lot of the world’s manufacturing was being done in China. He asked why, and I told him about the low cost of labor in China. He then asked me a sharp question: “Won’t the countries getting manufacturing done in China lose their own manufacturing skills”?

Like my father 30+ years earlier, I was bowled over.

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