Posted by: cochinblogger | October 19, 2010

Butterfly Hunt In the Abode of Love

As a butterfly hunter of sorts (see Cochin Shooter), I was delighted to read this lepidopteran snippet in The Abode of Love by Aubrey Menen (I shall have more to say about both book and author in the near future):

Herbert declared his passion for Agnes on the first opportunity, which was a butterfly hunt, a pastime just then becoming popular among young ladies. It was held in the neighborhood of Sevenoaks, and Herbert chased a swallow-tail, or rather, Agnes, for a great distance. The butterfly escaped, but he caught Agnes. He drew her down to rest on a grassy bank and said that he loved her. Agnes blushed; she was the shyest of the family. Then she put up her face to be kissed because like all shy people, she was impulsive.

As later events show, Herbert would have been wiser to chase the swallow-tail, not Agnes. 🙂

For a moment, I wished the author would have told us which swallow-tail it was, but quickly realized that one must not look a gift butterfly in the mouth. 🙂


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