Posted by: cochinblogger | October 26, 2010


My older boy had been pestering me to get him one of the earliest Tintin titles. In the infuriating way that parents have, I’d been putting it off. One day, I did an Internet search and found an online bookstore that had five copies of the title. The usual suspects did not have it in stock, so you could call it a relatively rare title. I told my son so. His reaction was immediate: “Appa, get it fast, or others will buy all the copies, and the book will go into bookxtinction!”

For a moment, I was puzzled. Then it hit me. He’d been studying about endangered animals in school, and I’d also got him a book on the subject (he lost no time in putting this book to good use; in a class test he zapped his teacher by mentioning two animals she hadn’t heard of), so the idea of extinction was on his mind. At any rate, I’m pleased by his love of language and the way he plays with words. One never knows where this will lead.

On another day, I’d got him a book on proverbs and idioms. The author was an Indian, so before buying it I’d checked a few random pages carefully in the shop for mistakes (!). The book seemed exceptionally well written, so I bought it and gave it to my son. The next day he told me he’d found a mistake in the book. I looked at him disbelievingly. He opened the book and showed me; there it was as large as life: “If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.” My heart swelled with parental pride.

When I took another look at the book, I immediately saw that the author’s name was spelled in one way on the cover and in another way inside. 🙂



  1. I can only see the come-go problem. I had to read three times to get that… Is it that?

    It’s not an easy catch, dear cochinblogger! You may have something on your hands!

    • The book got the proverb in reverse order; it should read “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain.” 🙂

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