Posted by: cochinblogger | October 30, 2010

Riders on the Storm

The monsoon in Kerala this year persisted for an unusually long time. It is only now (it’s official; this was announced by the met department in yesterday’s newspaper) that it has abated and handed the baton to its younger sibling, the retreating (northeast) monsoon with its characteristic nighttime thunderstorms. Cochin’s nightlife is usually nonexistent; but during this period, Mother Nature puts on quite a show: the night skies crackle with electricity, thunder rumbles alarmingly, rain pounds the earth, and dreams sometimes border on delirium.

This was shot one evening a week ago, from inside a car through the windscreen during a traffic jam on Venduruthy bridge, on the way to a relative’s house in Fort Kochi.

Suspended between the backwaters below the bridge and the rain-bearing clouds massed overhead, the view ahead speckled with the first tentative droplets of rain, I found myself wishing that the traffic jam would last a little longer.

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