Posted by: cochinblogger | November 7, 2010

True Tales of Indian Life: Snake Stick

A colleague’s relative, preoccupied, reached for some firewood in the compound of his house. Something about the heft and feel of the stick jolted him out of his reverie. To his horror, he saw that he had picked up a venomous snake, a viper. Fortunately, his fingers had closed around the snake just below its head, so it was unable to bite him. But the snake was angry, twisting around in his hands, eyes glittering, forked tongue darting in and out of its mouth. The man stood paralyzed for a minute or so. He did not dare relinquish his grip on the snake; it was sure to bite him then and there.

Suddenly, the image of a python popped into his head, and immediately he knew what he had to do. He placed his left hand just below his right hand, and with both hands slowly squeezed the life out of the snake.



  1. he should have just chucked the snake away rather than squeeze out its life- in any case, the snake did not come out to attack him- he shoved his hand and gripped on something without even looking at it!……snakes generally have it bad…..the curse continues

  2. Well, at least I know what to do with a python, now.

    But doesn’t it need rather strong fingers?

    • No, this won’t work with a python; it’s too large a snake.

      As I lay in bed mulling over the problem of how the man could have saved himself without killing the snake, the whirring blades of the ceiling fan above suggested a solution. He could have whirled around on his toes like a shot put thrower and tossed the snake away. The reptile would have been too dazed to bite.

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