Posted by: cochinblogger | November 11, 2010

Ten-Year-Old Writes Short Story

My son has to be virtually dragged from his room to the bathroom at bedtime to set in motion the chain of operations culminating in sleep. Last night, as usual, I was cajoling him to leave his table and move to the bathroom. He was scribbling away furiously. Suddenly he rose and gave me the sheet of paper on which he’d been writing. This is what I read.

Story about an Eye Disease

My name, is George Lockwood and I’m writing this because I never wanted to forget this adventure. It all started like this. I was 13 years old, I didn’t take enough vitamin A because I did not like it’s products. As a result, I got the deficiency disease, night blindness. It is also call scerophitamina. I don’t have time to recap your science during fifth standard, so I must go on. My doctor, Michael Carrington, told me to eat a lot of vitamin A. First, I hesitated, but I did as I was told so. But during that era, I got rid of scerphitamina but it got replaced by another eye disease. And it was a very strange one indeed. I was “hard of seeing.” The disease also makes me imagine stuff. A magpie for example. It looks like a sparrow to me! Also some cartoonish imaginary things. It is even possible I might see latitude or longitude some day!

During the times with this disease, I kept muttering to myself, “I would like to meet the person who founded the proverb ‘Seeing is believing’. I would tell him to make a teeny-weeny change. And that was ‘Seeing is believing, but it is just the opposite if he has a strange eye disease.'”

Now, there are numerous warts in the above effort, but I like the sting in the tail: the inversion of the proverb.

My son knows his proverbs. He has been pestering me to get him a book that I finally located online (see Bookxtinction). However, my credit card is due to expire soon and has stopped working online, and the bank has been slow to send a replacement. My son, in that terrifyingly single-minded way of all kids when they want something, keeps asking me daily if the card has arrived. Each time I shake my head. His exasperation came to a head one day when he exclaimed, “Ask the bank that believes Rome was not built in a day if they ever plan to send the card!” I swayed on my heels at first; such withering sarcasm from a 10-year-old!

Yes, he knows his proverbs alright. 🙂


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