Posted by: cochinblogger | December 1, 2010

True Tales of Indian Life: The Fine Art of Pouring Cold Water on Amour

A cousin, a college student, recently traveled from Cochin to Chennai to take up an internship. She flew, and as it happened, seated next to her on the flight was an exceedingly handsome young man who looked like a model. They began a conversation, and within five minutes, my cousin discovered that the young man, for all his killer looks, was not very bright. Some time during the flight, the model judged the opportune moment had arrived and asked my cousin for her mobile number.

Without batting an eyelid, my cousin immediately gave him her mother’s mobile number.

A few hours later, her mother got an amorous SMS from the model.

This anecdote, which I’ve served fresh off the family grapevine, is a work in progress. 🙂

When I heard about this incident, I was instantly transported back in time to my own youth. I had boarded the Coromandel Express (or it could be the Mail) to Madras, and was traveling to my college. At Madras, I had to board another train to my college from Egmore station. I was in the first year, callow, wet behind the ears. An important examination was coming up, and I had not been able to study much at home. I spent most of my time on the train studying. Somewhere along the way, a personable young woman struck up a conversation with me. I think she was in her late twenties. As the train approached Chennai, she invited me to have dinner with her in her home, adding that it would be a nice change from the train fare.

My reaction was immediate: “Thank you for your kind offer, but I have an important exam coming up, and really cannot afford to waste any precious time.”


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