Posted by: cochinblogger | December 13, 2010

Life Is a Tightrope Walk

One afternoon 16 years ago, vision in my right eye blurred. Over the next few days, I discovered that I had only peripheral vision in that eye; central vision had shrunk to a small circular blur. A visit to the ophthalmologist and a few tests later, the culprit was unearthed. There was a spot on the macula. Nothing could be done because the fluid leak was right on the macula; turning a laser on it would have destroyed whatever vision remained in the eye.

For a couple of months, I fell into black despair. What if the left eye was similarly affected? I’d be left with just peripheral vision in both eyes, making reading out of the question. The doctors assured me that this need not happen, but I refused to be consoled.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that my father had lost the use of his right eye after suffering a retinal detachment more than 20 years ago. For all those years, he had managed splendidly with one eye. Nothing had happened to his other eye. My despair vanished overnight.

Often, the solutions to our knottiest problems will be found right under our noses.

And as for living with uncertainty, all of life hangs by a slender thread.

Life is a tightrope walk for everyone; only, most don’t see the rope.



  1. being conscientious to all around us and that which we have- cool!

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