Posted by: cochinblogger | December 31, 2010

True Tales of Indian Life: Beating the Breath Analyzer

Today is New Year’s Eve, and while I’m too old to be out in the streets at the witching hour, drunk and dancing, I will definitely pop into my favorite bar on the way home from work, and also pick up a bottle of vodka to share with my father after dinner.

However, those of you who will be out partying will be interested in a true story I heard yesterday at a dinner get-together.

A couple had gone to a party, and the husband had drunk way too much. He was sozzled, and reeking of alcohol. His wife had consumed maybe two or three drinks.

When the time came to drive back home, the wife tried to persuade her husband to allow her to take the wheel of the car. But, naturally enough, the husband’s machismo, exaggerated by the alcohol, came to the fore. He insisted that he was alright and would do the driving. Reluctantly, his wife gave way.

At the Thoppumpady bridge, they were stopped by cops. A breath analyzer was thrust at his face. Predictably enough, the reading was way over the limit. The husband, however, insisted that the breath analyzer was defective and that was why it gave that reading. The cops insisted that the machine was working perfectly. It appeared to be a stalemate for the moment, when the husband suddenly told the cop: “Look, I’ll prove to you that the machine is defective. Try it on my wife.”

The breath analyzer was thrust this time at the wife. And the needle swung up! The husband declared triumphantly, “See! I told you the thing is defective!”

And the cops let him go.

Dear reader, Happy New Year!

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  1. but I think he was in control, at least he could think of a suitable way out of trouble. Or maybe his inventive genius is triggered when sloshed.

    Nice read.

    Happy New Year.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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