Posted by: cochinblogger | January 17, 2011

Of Policemen, Home Guards, and the Indian Constitution

I was in the auto last week, ferrying my boys back from school. The auto driver pointed to the policeman above and said, “Come afternoon and the policemen take shelter in the shade by the roadside, leaving the home guards (see pic below) to sweat it out in the middle of the road.” Indeed, summer is in the offing, and it’s getting hotter by the day.

My older boy (all of 10 years) could not follow what had been said, and so I explained it to him. I told him that the home guards were junior in rank to the policemen, and so had to obey them.

His response was instantaneous — and indignant: “But, Appa, the Indian Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to equality!”

My jaw dropped, and I looked at him, speechless.

Yes, my son is growing up!

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