Posted by: cochinblogger | March 15, 2011

Eleven-Year-Old Satirizes School Mathematics

My son is in caught up in the throes of school examinations. Or, to be more precise, I am in the throes while my son remains unmoved. After a frustrating afternoon of math study, my son said he would give me a question paper for a change.

These are the questions he set:

If the woman pays the salesman Rs. 50,000 crores, and then the salesman trips over the clothesline, how many beggars would become richer by Rs. 10,00,00,00 crores? How many trips does the salesman make to the houses in the area?

There are 99 more houses to go. Find for all house owners: their names, addresses, passwords, cars, sons, daughters, uncles, arch enemy, minor enemy, what time he/she sleeps, his/her favorite TV show, favorite food, lifestyle, date of birth, date of baptism, date of marriage, his/her husband’s/wife’s name, and their secret identity.

Also find out how many songs they have sung in the bathroom. And how much rubbish they would have dumped in a super-century. And how many got beaten by their headmasters in their childhood.

No lack of imagination there! Like father, like son!



  1. LOVE this post! Im from a big family and something very similar (and although funny, not nearly as humorously imaginative) recently. Haha… you’ve won a new subscriber 😀

  2. super cool….wish children could give their teachers a run for their money, imagination and brains….like this!
    Ugh…those uncomfortable times during a fun filled childhood!

  3. Hilarious and so imaginative. Cochin Blogger – I am your fan (now your son’s).

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