Posted by: cochinblogger | April 21, 2011

The Rickshaw Run

The word rickshaw takes me back to Calcutta, where the staple means of transport was rickshaws pulled along by fellow humans. I wrote about a paragraph here, when I suddenly realized that I was reinventing the wheel. Sure enough, here it is: When a Rickshaw Driver Slapped a College Principal.

The auto drivers of Cochin are on the whole a civilized lot, polite, yet assertive and dignified. They are happy to drive vehicles that are usually plain vanilla in the looks department. So, it was a big surprise to see eye-catchingly painted autos on the Goshree bridges on a Sunday morning (April 17). I was traveling in a vehicle myself, but managed to shoot these photographs through the window. Later, at home, I Googled “rickshaw run” and unearthed the underlying story.

A British adventure company called The Adventurists organizes the Rickshaw Run for charity. Here are the details: The Rickshaw Run.

One suggestion to the organizers. I wish they would honor the auto drivers of Cochin in some way, because autos are the linchpin of the city’s transport system, and most auto drivers are gentlemen. They deserve all the recognition they can get.

Here are the pictures I took of the autos of the Rickshaw Run on the road. Here they are, folks, the rickshaws on the run!



  1. cool pictures in motion!

  2. having read the above and checked the event website I’d like to say a hearty congratulations to the organisers, and more importantly to the participants – what an acheivement! Although, having been to Cochin a few times, and having experienced the terrible over-charging, pestering and hassle that most rickshaw drivers indulge in there I think the money raised is far better going to the charities where it’s already going than to funding these ‘gentlemen’.

    • Well, I’ve been using auto rickshaws in Cochin on a daily basis for the past ten years and more, and with a few exceptions, I’ve found them to be honorable gentlemen eking out a precarious living with dignity.

      I’ve seen the behavior you describe in Chennai.

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