Posted by: cochinblogger | May 19, 2011

Kiddie Analogies

My 9-year-old son sought my permission to crack a joke at the dinner table. Permission gained, he said turtles lived for over 200 years. Pluto took more than 200 years to orbit the sun. So Pluto could be said to orbit the sun in one turtle year, and a turtle could be said to live one Pluto year.

Today we were watching a TV program after breakfast. The narrator was speaking from the Singapore zoo, and said that elephants could eat as much as 200 kg of food in a single meal. My 11-year-old son said rockets were greedier; they could consume up to 5 tons of fuel every second.

Two years ago, my then-9-year-old asked me a question that made my jaw drop: Is the soul like a reserve fuel tank?

Yes, my boys are reveling in their discovery of the joy of analogies.


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