Posted by: cochinblogger | June 10, 2011

Logos Hope in Cochin

Logos Hope is a floating library that is currently berthed off Willingdon Harbor, and will be here until June 13. I went to visit it with my family the weekend after it’s arrival. Here is the ship.

However, there was a huge crowd, and we regretfully had to return without boarding the ship.

The queue for tickets was kept entertained by this performer. That was a thoughtful touch!

A week later, I went again, this time on a weekday. A clear view of the ship.

Visitors are welcomed outside the ship by a crew member in chaste Malayalam.

Visitors watch a presentation on the ship’s history and mission.

Two crew members discuss the next port of call (Galle, Sri Lanka).

An attractively colored nautical machine.

Below is a view of the library, which consists of three rooms lined with books. This is a missionary enterprise, and so the ship is awash in Christian literature, Bibles, and Gospel music. However, there are heaps of secular books on sale at reasonable prices. I picked up a World Factbook (over 400 pages, glossy paper) for just over a hundred bucks, which was a steal of a deal, and another book on the history of supercars, which also was a steal at just over a hundred bucks (over 400 pages of lavish color photographs and text on art paper). In all, I blew Rs. 1600 there.

A wall display.

The cafeteria.

Note that cameras are not allowed on board the ship.

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