Posted by: cochinblogger | June 12, 2011

Beautiful Hair Day

Yesterday, a colleague showed me this ad in the newspaper:

I was intrigued. This was the first I was hearing about such a contest. My colleague urged me to join the contest at once. I protested, but felt secretly pleased; it’s true that my hair, inherited from my mother, is nothing to sneeze at. 🙂

Leaving the office that afternoon, I spotted Beautiful Hair One waiting to cross the road:

Later that afternoon, in church, I beheld this. Not beautiful, true. Stringy, alright, but one has to admire the man’s creativity in working with what he’s got. And he’s clearly no spring chicken either.

And, at the same church, I spied Beautiful Hair Two sporting this heart-warming display of pure white hair. White is beautiful.

On the way back home, I spotted Beautiful Hair Three in an eatery. This was clearly no ordinary specimen. Outside the eatery, I asked him if he had heard of the HairOmax Beautiful Hair competition. I swayed on my heels when he replied that he was taking part in it! Cosmic coincidence! I at once asked him if he would pose for a photo. Obligingly, he did, and afterward complimented me on my hair. Thank you, thank you! God, may this guy win! (Even as I write these lines, by the way, the competition is under way at Gokulam Park Hotel.) I forgot to ask him his name, but upon returning home, I saw that he was the centerpiece of the newspaper ad; his name is Shifin. May Shifin win! Shifin, Cochin Blogger is on your side.

Kerala and beautiful hair go together. I think it’s the coconut oil factor. But when I asked a colleague for her opinion, she said the days of hair glory for Kerala women (and men!) were a thing of the past. She did not explain further.

Check out these videos from past Beautiful Hair competitions; they are a sure cure for bad hair days:

Suit and Gown

Casuals Round for Boys

Sherwani and Saree

For more on curious coincidences, see

Coincidence: How I Connected Telepathically with Troy White, William Davis, Darren Rowse, and Jeff Walker

Wait, I almost forgot! Last night I attended a pre-wedding dinner, at which I saw Beautiful Hair Four, a man with the perfect ponytail. I didn’t have the presence of mind to click a picture (there was plenty else happening to distract me), but never fear, I can show you what the ponytail looked like. It looked like this:

The Perfect Ponytail

What a way to end a beautiful hair day!

Update: Shifin did win the HairOmax Beautiful Hair competition.



  1. What a narrative Cochin Blogger! Seems like Kerala, Cocounut oil and beautiful hair go together! 😀

    The excitement in your post while describing all other styles, including the beautiful white is evident. Enjoyed reading! 🙂


  2. Kerala hair rules!!! Yay

  3. Haha! Nice.

  4. 🙂 nice post!
    check out mine at

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