Posted by: cochinblogger | October 21, 2011

Feminine Logic, Feminine Intuition

The world has heard of both feminine intuition and feminine illogic. It is Cochin Blogger’s destiny to open the eyes of the unsuspecting world to the prevalence of a species of logic called feminine logic. I shall tell it to you exactly as it happened to me, and I leave it to you to judge for yourself.

I was sipping tea in the staff room after the first class. In front of me were seated two colleagues, women, who were similarly occupied. One of the women was young; she’d had her first baby a few months ago. The other woman was a young grandmother. Silence reigned in the room, an appreciative tribute to the tea. Suddenly the grandmother addressed the young mother: “Your husband must be at home?” The young mother looked conspiratorially at the speaker, smiled and said yes. The room was silent again. I waited for someone to say something, ask the question I was dying to ask. Nobody stirred. I couldn’t bear it any longer. “How did you know her husband must be at home?” I asked the grandmother.

“Simple,” she replied. “Look at her arms. Look at the beautiful bangles she’s wearing! They match her clothes perfectly. No harried young mother with a baby would have the time or inclination to hunt for matching bangles — unless her husband were looking after the baby!”

The mother smiled and said, “This is feminine logic. No male will understand it.”

Well, I thought I understood — up to a point.

I was reminded of this incident today. I’d brought to the office a cake my wife had baked. After it had been consumed appreciatively by my colleagues, a woman suddenly said: “Your wife had a holiday yesterday.” I was taken aback. Yes, my wife had her off-day yesterday, but how could she know? Simple, she said. No working woman can bake a cake on a working day. She knew, because she’d tried — and failed.

The males in the office were astounded at this display of Sherlockian deduction.

I’m coming round to the view that feminine intuition is simply applied feminine logic — women prefer to credit their intuition because they don’t want to reveal their methods. 🙂


  1. It seems that the ladies remember life’s struggles and mishaps, and use the experience to understand what their sisters-in-spirit must also endure.
    Perhaps, as men, we try to blot out our failures, and remember only the very occasional triumph..

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