Posted by: cochinblogger | February 28, 2012

“Why Can Men Bare Their Chests But Women Can’t?”

My 12-year-old son lay sprawled in bed, his favorite position.

“Get up,” I said, “let’s get to work on geometry.”

He stirred, then heaved himself upright: “Appa, can I ask you a question?”

I briefly wondered if this was a delaying tactic but relented: “Fire away, son.”

He pulled his T-shirt up, baring his chest, and out of the blue upon me descended this: “Why is it that men can bare their chests but women can’t?”

I sighed. I’d had a hard day at work, and was not in the best shape to field such questions. However, I had to try.

I decided on a direct approach: “Women have overdeveloped chests, son. They’re considered a private part.”

Naturally, he asked: “But why should they be considered private?”

I was ready, and my reply was immediate: “Because they stick out.”

He considered this. “Like my groin? It also sticks out.”

I said, “Right you are, son.”

As he got up from the bed and sat at his table, I smiled a secret victorious smile.

There’d be other tests to be sure, but they lay in the future.



  1. Nice! Bur I wouldn’t smile too soon. Following on those words of wisdom, tomorrow you might find your son sporting a yashmak..

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