Posted by: cochinblogger | March 27, 2012

“I Found It in Wikipedia!”

I was teaching my 12-year-old Hindi the other day. A list of words from the lesson had to be memorized. I’d progressed down the first column to the word furk, meaning difference. Note that the “r” is not silent, and the word rhymes with “muck.”

So I spoke the word out loud together with its meaning. My son asked: “Fuck”?

I looked him in the eye and again said “Furk.” He repeated his question: “Fuck”? I said no, and said furk again, this time rolling the “r.”

Mercifully, he let go, and the lesson continued without further incident.

Then a few days after this, my son announced out of the blue: “Appa, do you know that there’s a beautiful village in Austria called Fucking?” I replied: “Son, I didn’t know. Who told you that?”

I expected that a schoolmate would have told him. But no, he said, “I found it in Wikipedia.”

I maintained what I hoped was a dignified silence. I did wonder what he was searching for, but postponed further consideration to another day.

And yesterday, like my son, I found the Wikipedia page: Fucking, Austria

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