Posted by: cochinblogger | October 6, 2012

Death of a Pigeon

I was brought up short by the sight of this pigeon lying on the road as I walked home one afternoon. I’ve seen many a crow lying dead on the road, rarely a sparrow, but never a pigeon. As you can see from the photo, its eyes are open, which is why I stopped; otherwise, I might have walked on. So maybe it wasn’t dead yet? Even if it was alive, there’s nothing I could’ve done. I haven’t ever nursed a bird back to health in my life, and if that won’t pass muster as an excuse, this pigeon looked as though it was beyond rescue, at death’s door.

And it was only much later that I noticed the stories the shadows in the picture told. They’re almost vertical, so it’s noonish.

The shadows on the right side of the photo are from a group of boisterous teenagers who were planning a weekend bash.

And the shadow on the left of the photo is … me, the photographer, who unwittingly inserted himself in the frame.

The darkest shadow of them all is not visible in the picture; the bird alone saw it, as we must all see it one day.


  1. Such a beautifully crafted metaphor in your last paragraph..

    • Thank you!

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