Posted by: cochinblogger | October 26, 2012

Frog Mystery

I found this magnificent frog in the middle of the road in front of the parcel office of the Ernakulam South railway station. How did it come to be there? Why didn’t it jump away to safety? Why didn’t it move a muscle while I was peering at it and photographing it? Was it sick or injured? It looked healthy enough as you can see, but who knows?

I spoke too soon. Now that I’ve taken a closer look, I think it was probably injured. Maybe it was run over by a vehicle, its powerful legs no match for the internal combustion engine. What I thought was an interesting natural green coloration is increasingly looking like ruptured skin, maybe even frog blood.

I hope I’m wrong. I think I’m wrong. After all, what kind of vehicle could inflict this kind of selective damage? Surely the frog would have been comprehensively squashed and flattened.

The fate of this frog hangs in the balance in my mind. It’s a mystery that perhaps only a naturalist can resolve.

Wait, I just went back and blew up the photo. The green is a natural color after all; the skin is intact, thank God!

And so I come round full circle to my original frog mystery: Why would a healthy frog lie as motionless as an Egyptian mummy in the middle of a road in a noisy city and not bound away to safety?



  1. Personally, I suspect the frog of mere attention-seeking..

    But perhaps, in classic European fairy-tale tradition, the wee beastie was waiting to be kissed by a pretty girl and would then be miraculously transform into a handsome prince?

    Maybe you should go back to Ernakulam Junction and embrace your destiny!

    • The flaw in that idea is that not even a frog would mistake me for a pretty girl 🙂

      • In soft focus and with the light behind you, who’s to know?!

      • Ha, ha, ha! Spoken like one who knows . 🙂

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