Posted by: cochinblogger | November 2, 2012

Church Lizard

I spotted this handsome lizard on the lawn outside a church. The service had just got over, and worshipers were streaming out. The lizard appeared to be engrossed in checking them out. Thinking I’d get an easy shot, I approached slowly from an oblique direction. Just as I stopped and raised my camera, it became aware of my presence and shot across the lawn. I followed slowly, pursuing it with my eye. It stopped near a tree and watched me approach. Stopping just outside what I judged to be its personal space, I raised the camera again. For some reason, the camera terrified it, and it scurried up the tree trunk.

I was on the point of giving up, but curiosity overcame me, and I went up to the tree. It was on the trunk, watching me. As I approached, it climbed higher, and then paused, stayed perhaps by a divine hand. I had just a few seconds to take this opportunistic shot before it resumed its skyward climb to safety.

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