Posted by: cochinblogger | December 10, 2012

Brahma’s Dance

I haven’t written about music before, but I just have to share this discovery. The band Agam performed in Cochin a few weeks ago, and though I wasn’t familiar with their music, the reviews and blurb were intriguing enough that I decided to attend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, but I lost no time in picking up their debut album called The Inner Self Awakens. It surpassed my wildest expectations, and I now find myself playing it all the time.

Agam’s genre, which they invented virtually single-handedly, is Carnatic rock, a fusion of Carnatic music (classical music, which I believe is the music that accompanies Bharatanatyam dancing) and rock music. Broadly speaking, this is progressive rock with a uniquely Indian sound. One of the songs on the album, The Boat Song, is a folk song from Kerala jazzed up in trademark Agam style.

Here is a review:

When Ragas Rock

And here is the blazing opening track of the album, Brahma’s Dance. Fasten your seat belts before clicking on the link. Ladies and gentlemen, this is — Agam!


  1. Amazing music…
    Thank you for the introduction!

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