Posted by: cochinblogger | February 20, 2013

Close Encounter with a Harley-Davidson Spice Coast Rider

I was in the auto, on the way home after dropping the boys off at school. The traffic lights turned red, and this bike drew up next to me. I noticed it was a Harley-Davidson. The Kochi branch of Harley-Davidson opened just a few months ago, I knew from newspaper reports.

The rider was looking ahead, waiting for the lights to change. There was no time to lose. A street fighter — I mean, a street photographer — has to do what he has to do. I whipped out my camera, switched it on, adjusted it, pointed it at him, and said “Hello!” loudly. The above pic with the “don’t mess with me” look writ large on his face was the result. 🙂

Something behind him caught his attention, which gave me this nice across-the-beam shot. He looks less mean, more human here. 🙂

Next, I stepped out of the auto to catch the slogan on the back of his jacket. Spice Coast Chapter, India. An inspired name.

The lights finally changed, and away he went!!



  1. A wonderfully described brief encounter!

    • Thank you!

  2. hey ! im the guy in the pic.. it was a pleasant surprise to find my pics in ur blog. by the way i work at Spice Coast Harley-Davidson as a Chrome Consultant.
    P.S That wasnt a “dont mess with me look” i was kinda worried that i lost my way lol, I was looking behind for my fellow riders who then told me to go straight from the signal

    thanks a lot anyways …tc

    • It’s always a pleasure when a street photographer hears from his subject — and that too on his blog! It’s an event of low probability. Thank you for writing in.

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