Posted by: cochinblogger | March 5, 2013

Elderly Tourist Makes Heavy Weather of Cochin Pavement

What’s a near-sighted old lady doing all alone in a faraway foreign country? But I’ve seen many like her. One has to admire their independence and spirit of adventure. Our elders are, in general, a timid, cosseted lot. But maybe the operative word that explains both behaviors is circumstances? I know of elderly Indians living in the West who have learned to live independently because there is no alternative. And we know how quickly the British in India became dependent on servants in the colonial period.

Glasses adjusted, here she is, picking her way gingerly. Yes, she needs her glasses, alright. The pavement is not exactly what the pedestrian ordered. No wonder she has her head down.

Here is a recent report on the shocking state of our pavements: On Kochi Footpaths Look Leap and Dodge

One can only hope she got to her destination in one piece.


  1. “But maybe the operative word that explains both behaviors is circumstances?”
    Would you care to elaborate?

    • You’re right; that was unclear. I’ve now inserted a couple of sentences in the post by way of explanation. Thanks!

      • Thank you: perfect clarity. I was beginning to wonder all sorts..

        And, of course, you’re absolutely right. Having experienced the luxury of three full-time and dedicated staff, catering round the clock to my every whim for several years, I would now find it horrendously difficult to resettle in London!

  2. Elderly? She couldn’t be any older than I am! šŸ˜‰

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