Posted by: cochinblogger | April 14, 2013

I’m Building My Body

Picture 935_cr

Many events and conferences, both domestic and international, are held in Cochin nowadays, thanks to the connectivity provided by the international airport, the famed natural beauty of Kerala, and decent infrastructure for tourists. Mr. India and Miss India Fitness 2013, the national competition conducted by the Indian Body Builders Federation, was held in Cochin on 23rd and 24th March. I decided to attend the preliminaries on March 23rd. This was my first visit to a bodybuilding event — and it was quite a spectacle! Here are my pics from the event.

Picture 3124

Let me showcase my personal favorites among my photos first. I took the above photo after I left the competition venue and was hanging around the tent outside where the bodybuilders were preparing themselves before going up on stage. Someone asked me if I was from the press. I replied that I’m a blogger. He then requested me to take this group pic. They’re all bodybuilders from Cochin.

Picture 3070

I love this portrait!

Picture 3035

Now isn’t that something??!! The girls showed their stuff alright, and I doubt any male bodybuilder out there can do this.

Picture 2926

This was at the tent outside the venue proper that I referred to earlier.

Picture 2929

I lost no time in entering the competition venue proper. Every seat was occupied, which must have gratified the organizers. The show was orchestrated by the judges calling out “Bodybuilders, turn to the left,” “Bodybuilders, turn to the right,” “Relax, bodybuilders,” “Bodybuilders, now show us your so-and-so muscles, ” “Relax, bodybuilders,” “Stage marshals, make them line up in order, “Thank you, bodybuilders,” “The next group of five, come forward, please.”

Picture 2953_cr

Picture 2954

Picture 2955_cr

Picture 2958_cr

Picture 2959_cr

Picture 2961_cr

Picture 2963

Picture 2964

Picture 2966

Picture 2972_cr

Picture 2980

Picture 2990

Picture 2991

Picture 2992

Picture 2993

Picture 2994

Picture 2998

The above girl is from Kerala.

Picture 3004

Picture 3006

Picture 3013

Picture 3026

Picture 3034

Picture 3035

Picture 3036

Picture 3037

Picture 3045

Picture 3051

Picture 3052

Picture 3053

Picture 3061

Picture 3062

Picture 3064

Picture 3065

Picture 3066_cr

Picture 3067

Picture 3068

Picture 3069_cr

Picture 3070

Picture 3071_cr

Picture 3073

And now the men took over. Brute force was on display again.

Picture 3082

Picture 3083

Picture 3085

Picture 3100

Picture 3103

Picture 3104_cr

Picture 3105

Picture 3106_cr

Picture 3107

Picture 3108

Picture 3109

I left the venue at this stage. The following pics are near the tent outside the venue. It seems the world championships will be held in Cochin next year!

Picture 3115

Picture 3116

Picture 3117

Picture 3118

Picture 3124

Picture 3125

Picture 3126


  1. eeekkss !!! the men luks like some metallic toys with extra-gloss effect . oops !

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