Posted by: cochinblogger | July 5, 2013

The Eternal Race

Picture 1208_cr

I’m familiar with age-category sports events for youngsters, but not for seniors. Apparently, such an event is on in Bangalore, and I found out only because of the above arresting photo on the sports page of The Hindu, with the following caption: “The Eternal Race: the officials could not wait for 88-year-old C.K.Saihgal to finish his 2,000 m one-man steeplechase race and started the 35-years-and-above category event. Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar.”

Here is the story: Never-Say-Die Attitude

One can’t but admire the man’s grit in trying to finish the race. And he was competing against himself; the others had finished, he was the only one running the race, he was running for himself. Will I live to be 88? And if I do, will have even a quarter of this man’s spirit?

Of course, there are those who run marathons even in their eighties. A rare breed, indeed, but they do exist, as this article that popped into my news reader the other day shows:

New Research on Older Runners

But somehow, extraordinary as their feats are, I find myself marveling at our Bangalore hero, who sounds like an ordinary bloke like me on a mission to prove something to himself, blissfully oblivious of the officials, the spectators, and the other runners.

But he’s 88! No ordinary bloke, this.

Note: After writing the above, I read this report, which is better written and gives more details. It seems Saihgal is a medal-winning athlete after all: Saihgal, Soldiering on at 88!


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