Posted by: cochinblogger | July 25, 2013

Scrambled Menu


This is part of the menu board on a wall at the Indian Coffee House, Cannon Shed Road, near the Ernakulam boat jetty. There is a certain logic to Scrabbled egg, though Hasbro might scream, “Copyright infringement!” And I suppose a poached egg is partly sort of encapsulated in a pouch.

“Toasted Jam” is mysterious enough, but all this pales in comparison to the following confession: I first read “TOASTED BUTM” as “TOASTED BUM.” Yes, I did. Yikes!

I must say, however, that the food served here is excellent. No wonder the place is always crowded. My recommendation: try their omelet and tomoto sandwiches, washed down with their unique brand of coffee.

Er … that should have read: “tomato sandwiches.”

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