Posted by: cochinblogger | December 15, 2013

Navy Operational Demo 2013

Picture 111

Picture 122

On December 8, Sunday, the Navy held their annual operational demonstration for the public on the backwaters next to the Subhash Park. Here are pics from the event.

Picture 044

Picture 050

Picture 064

In this simulation, the speedboats above are racing toward a vessel that has been taken over by pirates.

Picture 065

The vessel that has been commandeered by pirates.

Picture 067_cr

Load-carrying capability — this helicopter carries a jeep aloft.

Picture 070_cr

The above pic shows the training ship, INS Tarangini, which is a sail training ship for cadets.

Picture 073

The pic above shows two girls from the Naval Public School demonstrating their water skiing skills.

Picture 074_cr

Picture 076

Picture 077_cr

A closer view of one of the water-skiing girls.

Picture 078_cr

Picture 082_cr

Picture 090

Picture 092

Picture 094

The target that will be shortly destroyed by Navy saboteurs.

Picture 100_cr

Picture 101_cr

Picture 111

Mission accomplished!

Picture 112Picture 120

Picture 122

Picture 123

Picture 124

Picture 127

Picture 134

Picture 136_cr


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