Posted by: cochinblogger | December 20, 2013

The Kerala Bamboo Fest 2013

Picture 643

I had visited the annually held Kerala Bamboo Fest in 2011 (see Kerala Bamboo Fest 2011) and would not have attended this year’s edition (not because I hadn’t like it in 2011, but because I thought it’d be a repetition, and time was short) but for a photo of a bamboo bicycle in the newspaper. The event was spread over just five days, and I managed to make time on the last day. I’m glad I went. The exhibition was very well organized, and the energy and passion emanating from the stalls was palpable. Every visitor emerges with some purchase or the other, even if only a humble key chain. There were stalls with products from places as distant as Nagaland. There was also an excellent food stall serving a mouth-watering multi-course lunch and delicious, freshly made uniyappams made of bamboo grass and piping hot payasam. An added attraction was a stage where visitors were entertained by singers and dancers (the photo above).

Picture 614

The entrance from the road.

Picture 587

This is the bamboo bicycle at the National Institute of Design (NID) stall.

Picture 588

And this is the Bhavm stall. Sujith, the famed bamboo mural artist (see Going al fesco with Murals), is the dude with the beard.

Picture 590

Picture 594

Picture 593

And these are musical instruments fashioned from bamboo.

Picture 595

A bamboo house.

Picture 597_cr

Picture 598

Picture 602

Picture 603

Picture 604

Picture 608

Picture 605

Picture 606

Bamboo music! Yes, music composed with instruments made of bamboo wood. The man at the stall, who I think is one of the musicians on the CD on sale at the stall, spoke passionately about the music. The theme of the CD is rain in all it’s myriad manifestations. I bought the CD.

Picture 607

Picture 609

Picture 610

Picture 611

These chairs could be adjusted at three inclination levels and were foldable. Their price was just Rs. 650. I decided to return in the evening and pick up one, thinking it would make an ideal chair for reading. But in the evening, sitting in the chair, I had second thoughts. There were no arm rests, so how comfortable would it be for reading? Reluctantly, I decided not to buy, only to regret my decision later that night, when my son said, “But Appa, you could’ve just relaxed in it.” Yes, my son is the grandmaster of the art of relaxation.

Picture 613

Picture 615

My first shot of the evening when I returned to pick up the bamboo easy chair. This lady’s husband and I stood shoulder to shoulder and clicked.

Picture 617

Picture 619

Picture 622

Picture 623

Picture 625

Picture 627

Picture 631

Picture 633

Picture 634

Picture 635

Picture 636

I asked this stall attendant what the sticks in the pic are used for. He replied that he didn’t have the foggiest idea, but they were selling like hot cakes. 🙂

Picture 637

Picture 639

Picture 640Picture 641

I’m glad I went, though I missed the lovely ladies from Nagaland who sold bamboo shoots pickle the last time I visited. Pork is a great delicacy in the North East, and so I’d asked them to come with pork and bamboo shoot pickle next year. A futile wish, given the general taboo against pork in this country.

Before leaving, I sat down for a pencil sketch by an artist from Trichur. The last time I sat for a portrait at an exhibition like this, the artist was a Russian girl who appears to visualize far ahead into the future when she draws — my portrait was what I would look like twenty years hence. So, it was with some trepidation that I sat for this artist. But I needn’t have worried — it was an excellent portrait. See below.

Picture 648_rot

Will I visit next year? I’d be mad not to. Besides, I have that easy chair to buy. 🙂


  1. God ! this wud have been something i wud have lived to visit. Each time i came down, or when husband went down..did try to get hold of some bamboo “putt-makers”…they make great BIRIYANI…which looks like puttu. But sadly, couldnt .

    Kindly let me know if we have any outlet in Kochi where we get these exclusive bamboo artifacts. Will def. visit next vacation.

    Thanks , Sona

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