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The Kochi International Half Marathon 2013

Picture 787_DxOFP_edited

I run a mile daily inside my house for exercise, and so when I read that Cochin would hold its first ever international half marathon on December 29, I decided to join. I signed up for the 7 km fun run for amateurs, leaving the 21 km half marathon proper to the real long-distance runners. The starting point was the Maharaja’s Stadium on M.G. Road, and a few days before the event, I went to collect my running bib.

Picture 759_edited

Picture 755_edited

The route is shown below. The 7 km runners would loop back at the Venduruthi bridge, while the 21 km runners would proceed all the way to Mattancherry before turning back.

Picture 756

The reporting time was early in the morning, 6 am. The sun had not yet risen when I walked down to the stadium. On the way, I took this picture of a house lit up for the holiday season.

Picture 760_edited

The instruction sheet for the runners had one injunction that had mystified me: runners were not allowed to run with babies in their arms. On my way to the stadium entrance, I spotted this runner with a babe in arms. The rules are there for a reason. 🙂

Picture 765_edited

After some confusion at the gate, we were in! I quickly ate some biscuits and gulped down a badam milk before we were called to the starting point.

Picture 775_edited

For the first time ever, my feet were pounding M.G. Road like pistons. It was a heady feeling. I had to stop running after 2.5 km, and returned to the stadium with a combination of walking and running. I’m glad I carried a camera. Here are some pictures of the event.

Picture 778_edited

Picture 783_edited

Kenyan runners took the first three places in the international section. The picture below probably shows one of the winners.

Picture 786_edited_stark

Picture 787_DxOFP_edited

Picture 788_DxOFP_edited

Picture 790_DxOFP_edited

Some organizations took the opportunity to publicize their cause.

Picture 789_edited

Picture 791_DxOFP_edited

Picture 792_edited

Picture 793_edited

And back at the stadium …

Picture 797_DxOFP_edited

Picture 798_edited

After sitting down for a few minutes to catch my breath, I climbed up the stadium steps and became a spectator.

Picture 809_edited

The runners kept streaming in from the left.

Picture 808_edited

Picture 803_edited

Picture 806_edited

Many clubs and organizations took part as groups. Soles of Cochin is a running club.

Picture 810_edited

Picture 811_edited

Picture 812_edited

Picture 821_edited

The compere takes a breather on the podium.

Picture 813_edited

A navy band livened up the occasion.

Picture 823_edited

Picture 819_edited

Picture 829_edited

This small boy struts his stuff.

Picture 824_edited

Picture 835_edited

The next three pics show the actress Manju Warrier, making a comeback to the screen after 15 years (I think), shooting for a movie in which she plays the role of a marathon runner. The grimace in the second pic, I think, shows that she is finishing the race in the movie.

Picture 830_edited

Picture 831_edited

Picture 832_edited

This must be the 116-year-old runner I read about in the newspaper. He doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove his age, but nevertheless, a mind-boggling feat whatever his statistical age.

Picture 847_edited

The glittering prizes.

Picture 834_edited

This was a memorable experience for me, and I was happy to be among the thousands who took part in this first-ever half marathon in our city. Next year, the run will be held again, and I hope to run all 7 km — though I’ll be a full year older by then. 🙂


  1. Thanks fir sharing.The upcoming year has set all his ways, to the marathon. Grihalakshmi Womens midnight, half marathon is a fortnightly presented by Mathrubuhmi Group which is going to be held on January-30-2016.The registrations are open.

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