Posted by: cochinblogger | February 18, 2014

Elephant Travails

Picture 975_edited

`Elephants are a common sight in Cochin. This elephant has been “parked” here until it’s time for him to be led into the near-by Valanjambalan temple, where a festival is under way. Elephants are an important part of temple festivals in Kerala, but animal rights activists say the elephants are not treated well.

It was only the other day that a temple elephant met a tragic end when it became restless and ran into a swamp, where it got mired (see Death of a Kochi Temple Tusker). I was reminded of Kenneth Andersen’s story “The Black Rogue of the Moyar Valley,” where the rogue elephant he was pursuing similarly got stuck in a swamp and sank into the ooze in front of the horrified hunter’s eyes. If I remember right, Andersen put the terrified beast out of its misery with a bullet.


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