Posted by: cochinblogger | August 6, 2014

The Umbrella Girl and Human Peacocks

IMG 240_edited_2

I waited for her to look up at me and smile, but she remained glued to her mobile phone. A sign of the times.

The rains are back in full swing, and the streets are full of human peacocks again, strutting their stuff.

Shoepics 287_edited_4

IMG 032_cr

IMG 006_cr

Now, it’s true that you’ll see more umbrella-holding positions on the streets of Kerala than mating positions in the Kamasutra — but this matador-like hold was new to me. It was my younger son, a fellow traveler in the auto, who explained it to me. And I think he’s right.

The man (notice I don’t call him a human peacock; he clearly isn’t one) is holding his umbrella defensively to repel water and mud droplets generated by passing vehicles. Note that he’s clad in white.


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